Conversational Koine Greek: An Interactive & Online Course

I'm pleased to announce today an upcoming online class that I'm going to be offering for the 2013 winter/spring semester.  The course is titled "Conversational Koine" and is open to all.  That's right, if you've never read or spoke Greek a day in your life, or if you've studied Greek for years, this class is for you.  The class is designed in such a way that all skill levels can interact with one another.  The entire class is taught in Koine Greek and you will find that even after the first session, you'll be able to read and speak some Greek. By the end of the semester, you will be amazed with the results.  The class is taught in a conversational manner.  Throughout the semester we read, speak, share stories, etc.  The flyer below contains the details of when, where, cost, etc.  As you can see, the class begins at the end of this month and goes to the end of April.  The cap for the class is 10 people and 2 of those spots are already taken, which leaves us with 8.  So, if you want to get involved, please email me and secure your spot as soon as possible.  I am operating on a first come first serve basis.  All I ask is that if you commit, you really, truly commit.  For those who will have trouble paying the small fee, scholarships are available.  Beyond the sheer value of learning a language (and having tons of fun while doing it!), there's also a small added bonus for students who attend every class: A free copy of one of my publications.  But that offer is only good for those who join this semester, so, act now!  Last semester was excellent and I expect no less from this semester.  I am excited about the upcoming session.  If you have any questions or want to join, please email me at the email address in the flyer (which, by the way, you may share with others).  Thanks and Happy New Year!

Click HERE for a .jpg version of the flyer for download

Conversational Koine

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