Conversational Koine: A Weekend Immersion Event

I am pleased to announce today, an upcoming Conversational Koine event that will take place in Lexington, KY.  You can see more details on the flyer below but let me draw your attention to several things.  The event is an immersion event, which means that you will jump right into speaking, hearing, and responding in and to Koine Greek.  This is an event aimed at those interested in beginning to learn to speak Koine.  This means that the immersion event is open to folks who have never studied Greek a day in their lives as well as professors or students who may have spent many years studying Greek.

The event will be co-led by me (Michael Halcomb) and my friend Jordan Day.  We have developed a great weekend workshop curriculum and expect that those who participate will come away not only with a greater love for Greek but a greater ability to begin speaking it and engaging it in their Greek New Testament.  If you have questions feel free to contact me.  Please note that the workshop is only $99 (+ a small tax fee if you pay online) and is on a first come first serve basis.  Currently we have 12 spots allotted.  Feel free to download and share the flyer posted below.  Click HERE for an image file of the flyer.

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