A Year In Blogging

So, today marks my 1-year blogging anniversary. In my first year of blogging I've had over 25,000 site visits (which is pretty good considering that I haven't pandered to a few certain people) and have written 519 posts. I've had about 400 downloads of software and other resources I've created. I've written over 60 studies on the Gospel of Mark (many more to come!) and have had tons of people land at Pisteuomen to access my posts on barrenness, sterility and adoption (which, I must say, absolutely warms and thrills my heart!). In the past year, my wife had our first child, I completed my second masters degree, I started the adoption process, I had the chance to accomplish some great professional work and I resigned from the ministerial position I served in for over 5 years. A lot has happened in the last 365 days. Blogging has been a release at times and a stressor at other times but it has always been worth it. Charting my thought life, family life, spiritual and professional life has been a wonderful thing. Meeting other bloggers in person and engaging those I will hopefully meet in the future has been exciting. I appreciate everyone who interacts with me at Pisteuomen and I look forward to this next year in blogging with you.


  1. Happy first birthday, Pisteuomen!

  2. first birthday and i still feel old...


  3. Happy birthday, indeed. I got worn out just reading of all the things you do.

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Here's hoping for two.

  5. John & Scott,
    Thanks a lot. And yes, here's hoping for two!

  6. happy anniversaty, babe!

  7. your blog has been a blessing to me. Happy anniversary, and hoping for more...


  8. anon/babe,
    nice spelling; thanks.

    glad i've been able to bless you. ditto.