How To Find Hidden Folders/Files in Vista

Ever get a bug/virus, lose a file or received an alert that a spyware add-on has infiltrated your computer? Even more annoying, has your virus program alerted you as to the whereabouts of that file but when you tried to find it, it was nowhere to be found? Well, part of the problem is that Vista automatically hides certain files (and spies and virus makers know this) and it is in those folders and to those files that malicious threats are attached. So, how do you find a hidden file or folder in Vista?

1. Click the “Start” menu, in the lower right hand corner of your computer.
2. Scroll up and select “Computer”
3. Double click “C”
4. Now, up in the left hand corner, select “Organize”
5. Scroll down to “Folder and Search Options”
6. Click the “View” tab once
7. Scroll down until you see the folder icon and the phrase that reads “Hidden Files and Folders”
8. Select the box that says “Show hidden files and folders” (this should make just about every hidden file/folder appear in its proper place)
9. Now, find the location of the virus or threat by following the trail of evidence given by your protection software
10. Once you have found the file, highlight it, right click and select delete
11. Make sure that once you’ve done this, you “Empty the recycle bin”
12. Now, if you want to hide your files/folders again, repeat steps 1 through 7
13. Now, select the box that says “Do not show hidden files and folders”
14. Everything should be hidden once again (not the threat, of course)

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