Tips For Starting A Blog

Yesterday, I wrote a post on why Christians should blog. In this post, I offer a few thoughts/tips on getting started.

1. Choose a blog host. In other words, choose whether you want to have a "Blogger", "Wordpress", "Typepad", "Vlogger" etc. blog (google any of these to land at their website). Wordpress has some great themes but Blogger is much more dynamic. With Wordpress you cannot manipulate the xtml/html to your liking. With Blogger, you can do whatever you want. I highly reccommend Blogger as a host because it is much more versatile.

2. Choose a blog title. The title should reflect the content of your blog. Decide if you want a personal blog, a topic-related blog, etc. Let your name reflect the type of blog you will maintain.

3. After you have chosen a host and a title, start a series of posts. I've found that by doing series, I always have something to write about. Often, bloggers can get writers block or burnout because they feel like they have nothing to say. However, if you have a topic you can always write about it.

4. Begin commenting on other bloggers' sites. This will get your name and blog name out there.

5. Create a blogroll and add people's names to it. Often, when you add someone's blog to your blogroll, they will add yours (not always, though). This reciprocity is a good thing; it is like blogging currency.

6. Don't sell advertising on your blog to try to make money; this gets annoying.

7. Update your blog frequently. Put a number of posts in draft mode so that you have backup posts. Don't let your blog become static or go to waste.

8. Interview bloggers whose work you enjoy reading.

9. Get a page reader so you can keep up with everyone else's blogs.

10. Don't contstantly post YouTube videos. Once in a while, those are great. But write stuff with content and substance; keep your blog related to your theme.

That's it for now but that should be enough to get you started. If you're a beginning blogger or want to become a blogger, contact me and I'll add you to the blogroll and I'll also help you get started if you want me to. Blessings!


  1. Good tips! Although I thought #8 was a little questionable.


  2. I don't know. I guess it just seems weird that if you haven't really started blogging or you haven't gotten off the ground that you would try to interview other bloggers who have. Are you supposed to post them on your blog? It just seems like something you do if you are more established and have readers already and are kind of already part of a blogging community. But that's just me.


  3. Bryan,
    I see your point.

    As far as posting them on your blog, I would say so. I did some of that.

    I think it helps people become part of a blogging community. Again, I see your point, though.