At Scott Bailey's Request(s)

After a number of emails and fussy posts and comments from Scott Bailey, I have decided to cave in and give Pisteuomen an extreme makeover. So, over the next few weeks if you get some fishy posts from Pisteuomen in your page readers or if you're snooping around the site and notice some odd things, it's because the site is under construction. I guess enough complaining can get results sometimes.


  1. At his point what if I say something negative about this template?

    Does that mean you will not answer any more of my comments on your site?

    Or just think I'm an arsehole?

  2. Crap,
    Here I am trying to please you...

    If you really want to, Scott, I will let you decide which template I should use.

    No, I don't think you're an arsehole, try the other end. :)

  3. I'm just giving you a hard time!

    At this point I wish I hadn't said anything.

    Instead of leaving it up to me why not pick several templates that you like and put it up to a vote?

  4. if there's one thing i've learned from being a pastor it's that the power of the "vote" has the power to divide and/or split, the last thing i want to see happen is for a pisteuomen split to happen

    still, if you'd like to pick a template, be my guest