Data Execution Prevention (DEP) & the "has stopped working" Prompt

One of the more annoying things about Windows Vista is the nagging "DEP" (data execution prevention) prompts. In a way they are good because they are just trying to alert you of a potential threat but in another way, they are terribly annoying and very frustrating. Many times DEP prompts kick-in after you've installed audio or video software/codecs. (See my previous post on that HERE.) For me, that has actually always been the case.

So (in contrast to the previous post mentioned above), instead of totally turning off Windows DEP or always having it on, there is an "in-between" spot. This "spot", I have found, is the best to use when running Vista. Here's how to set your computer up this way:

1. Go to "start" in the lower left corner of your screen
2. Select "all programs"
3. Select "accessories"
4. Right-Click "Command Prompt" and select "Run as Administrator"
5. On the black screen, type in the following (case and space sensitive): bcdedit.exe/set nx OptIn [*Note:If you have found that your DEP settings are inaccessible, this will make them accessible again once you have completed it. To check the settings, do the following: a) Go to "start", b) Right-Click "Computer", c) select "properties", d) select "Advanced System Settings", e) On the pop-up screen click "continue", f) under "performance" select "settings", g) select the "data execution prevention" tab. Now, if you cannot select either of the DEP settings, your DEP has been disabled. Sometimes even if they are turned on, you still can't access them. However, once you have completed steps 1-6 listed here, you will be able to. Then, you can choose which programs you want to prevent DEP from scanning.]
6. After typing the "bcdedit" code, you should get a confirmation note. If so, close all your windows and reboot the computer.
7. Once the computer has been rebooted, your problems should have gone away. If they didn't, then what you need to do is consult #5 above and follow all of the steps. When you get to the "data execution prevention" tab, select "Turn on DEP for all programs except those I select" and then find the programs you want DEP to bypass. Finally, all of your problems should be gone.
8. If you're still having problems, consult the other article I wrote which I mentioned above (click HERE for that). If that article doesn't fix your issue then you may have malware or some kind of virus haunting your computer. Sometimes, not usually, but sometimes, it is actually your virus software that is the very cause of your problems and uninstalling it will be your cure. If you do uninstall be sure to get new anti-virus software immediately.

If you've found this helpful or if you need help, feel free to comment here. Also, here are some other posts I've written on Vista/Computer related issues: My Internet Suddenly Stopped Working: How To Fix It, How To Find Hidden Folders/Files In Vista and "Windows Explorer Must Shutdown...Must Restart" Loop. Blessings!

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