ExegeTV - Episode 13, Having A Healthy Image Of The Bible

The latest episode of ExegeTV is up. It discusses having a healthy image of the Bible. It has also been added to the ExegeTV page / tab above. Check it out.


  1. Hey Michael
    On episode 13 there were some audio difficulties I was having your voice was overlapping itself so you might want to check your audio on episode 13. God bless

    David Foster

  2. David,
    I just watched episode 13 back and I heard no audio problems. are you sure you didn't have a computer microphone turned on/up when you were listening or that you didn't click or have the video playing twice (or in 2 different windows)? Again, I didn't notice any audio problems, though, I did see one small hiccup/glitch in the video. Thanks though. You know one voice could have been mine and since I'm full of the Holy Spirit, the other voice could have been His, speaking along with me and affirming every word I said :)

    See ya,

  3. Hey Michael
    some real good stuff to ponder their. My view of the Bible is not all that complex. The Old Testament is a history of the love story of God through his people Israelites. The Gospels represented by the apostles a storys of the account of Christ as He walked with them. Acts is the historical account of the Holy Spirit and the testimony to the resurrection of Christ. Then you have Paul's letters which are individual letters written to specific groups of people that he had interactions with. Then there is Hebrews were not sure of who the author is we can only speculate but again a letter to a specific group of people. Then you have the general letters of the apostles written to individual groups. Which brings us to revelations, were Christ gave John a vision for the church at large explaining certain events that would take place before Christ's return. With Genesis at the beginning and revelations at the end just as Christ is the alpha and omega the Bible to has its beginning and end. To sum up all of these individual authors, letters, God wove into a beautiful love song that we know today as the Bible. Some people might say we have so many Bibles how do we know which one is right. As long as the Bible points its direction to God and his infanet love for mankind. And his desire to have a relationship with us as individuals.is'nt that a great love story? At least at this point this is my view of the Bible.

    David Foster