A Diamond In The Rough

Yesterday, Drew Tatusko mentioned on Facebook that when he and his wife were in Ethiopia years ago, they realized that there are some beautiful diamonds in this rough. I believe our son Silas is one of those diamonds! Traveling around Ethiopia's capital city Addis Ababa is not simply disheartening, it is gut-wrenching! The poverty here is more rampant than I could've ever imagined. Everywhere you look, cubicles of sheet metal make up houses. and shops. Try to imagine some large city you've been to, consisting of nothing but sheet metal shacks, well, that's what you have here. With over 4 million people in this one city, it's like a never ending sea of destitution and injustice. Of course, there are some here that are filthy rich but they are the minority and they use the poor to do their hard labor and dirty work. I know we talk about poverty in the United States but honestly, I don't know if it can even COMPARE to what's going on here! Praise be to God for laying it on our hearts to bring redemption and justice into our son's life! I can only hope more people will have the same desire! And praise be to God for this diamond in the rough who is now a part of our lives! I hope to show more photos of the city soon (honestly, it looks EXACTLY like those Christian Childrens Foundation commercials I saw on t.v. growing up!) but for now, here are a few more shots of our beautiful, diamond-like son. Click the image-link below to view the photos & videos:

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