Reading The Gospel In Ethiopia

I have so much more to share and post about but given the bad internet connections and the busy schedule, some of it will have to wait until I return to the States. That being said, here's a little more from my stay in Ethiopia.

Outside of our lodging, we have guards who sit 24 hours. This is not because Ethiopia is very dangerous or violent but these guards also act as gatekeepers for visitors, workers, etc. One of the guards I've been getting to know is Afera (who goes by Alfred in English). Afera is a native of Addis Ababa and recently started trying to learn English (he's in his 50s, though, he still looks quite young). So, I started using the English Bible to help him with that. In turn, I asked that he share with me his Amharic Bible. Here are some scenes from our conversations. Click the image-link below to view the photos & videos:

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