$1,000 Pisteuomen Giveaway: Learn Biblical Hebrew

As many of you know, I have spent a considerable amount of time creating language learning sites: Getting German, Getting Greek and Getting Aramaic are three sites that I currently have live. Two that are in the hopper are Getting Hebrew and Getting French. Well, recently, I was approached by an outstanding language learning organization that gave me an outstanding opportunity: To provide, as an award, for one of my readers, the opportunity to learn biblical Hebrew online. In conjunction with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem & eTeacher, I have the privilege of offering 1 of my readers, the opportunity to do this for free. This package is worth right around $1,000! That's right, $1,000!!!

Here's a portion of the email I received:

"Since your blog is one of the most respected blogs about learning languages, we would like to offer you an online course valued at $1000, which you can give to your readers! It's up to you to decide what they will need to do in order to get the course - whether it be a contest amongst your blog readers asking them to interpret a psalm from the bible or to write a short story in Hebrew, or rather asking them to promote your blog...the creative ideas are of course limitless."

At this point, I have not decided on how I will run this contest. Neither have I set a start and finish date for the contest. As of now, what I want to do is to ask you, my readers, what sort of task should persons undertake to get this reward? Keep in mind, this has a value of $1,000! Remember also that it is true, online interaction with some of the best Hebrew language teachers around, a number of them residing in Jerusalem itself. Also, some academic institutions even allow this to count as course credit!!! In short, this is no small matter. So, what say ye? Feel free to email me, leave a comment here or to reply via Twitter or Facebook.

As soon as I get things nailed down, I will repost on this and provide contest dates, requirements, etc.

Need more, well here's something to whet your appetite:

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