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Hey everyone, as you know, I'll be heading back to Ethiopia very soon (about 2 months). I'll be doing quite a bit while I'm there but I've had some specific requests from a missionary friend who has been living in Addis (the capital city) and serving there for about 10 years now. She has taken in 10 orphaned, street kids, feeds them, clothes them, teaches them, loves them, etc. She calls them her "soccer boys" because they have also started a soccer ministry. Anyway, in an email reply to me this morning, she requested several things, some of the items are small and some a little larger. So, if you can help or donate, here are some things she needs for her ministry:

1) A Christian flag
2) A Dell laptop battery (the one found here:
3) A nice, working used laptop (or more than 1) with all personal data removed (she will use the computers to continue to teach her boys how to type)
4) Teaching materials (e.g. pencils, paper, etc.)

If you want to help provide any of these items, fill out the form below and I'll be in touch with you:

If you would like to donate funds to support my trip, click the donate button below:

Grace and Peace,

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