Thomas Merton's Vicarious Response To Glenn Beck

One of my favorite deep Christian thinkers of the last century has to be Thomas Merton. Merton's insights regarding the nature of faith, the person of Jesus and life in this world are simply life-altering and astounding; Merton was brilliant. But Merton did not think in a vacuum and he had many mentors and persons who influenced him, one of whom was Christian social advocate Ebehard Arnold. Below is a statement by Arnold, mentioned by Merton several years ago that I believe, places the whole matter of "Christian social justice" in its proper context. This is something that Glenn Beck needs to read and take to heart! Here it is:

"There are political organizations that stand, as we do, for international peace, the abolition of private property, and full community of goods. Yet we cannot simply side with these organizations and fight their battles in their way. We do feel drawn, with them, to all people who suffer need and distress, to those who lack food and shelter and whose very mental development is stunted through exploitation. With them, we stand side by side with the 'have-nots,' with the underprivileged, and with the degraded and oppressed. And yet we avoid the kind of class struggle that employs violent means to avenge lives taken through exploitation. We reject the defensive war of the suppressed just as much as the defensive wars of nations. We must live in community because we take our stand in the spiritual fight on the side of all those who fight for freedom, unity, peace, and social justice."

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