Hijacked Pisteuomen Restored!!! Thank You Blogger!!!

As many of you are aware, someone played a nasty April Fools Day trick on me this morning (at least that's my theory) by hijacking my site. I tried everything I knew to get back into the site to fix it but my last resort was to email Blogger and have them go in, change things and then reissue me login info. Thankfully, I use the free "Blogger Backup" utility, so, once access was restored, I was able to get the site back to normal from old but up-to-date, files.

If you didn't see the drama that went down, here's a screenshot of the site that I took (I couldn't even right-click to get source code!!!):

Of course, Jim, being who he is, thought I did this in retaliation for some snide remark he made in the recent biblioblogs carnival but that's not the case (oh the audacity of him to think I'd read a post from his site!!!). Whatever. Anyway, things are back to normal. Many thanks to Blogger for coming to the rescue! I dare Wordpress to even try to top their service!

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