Call For Papers: Mark's Gospel In Mediterranean Context

I am pleased to announce the "Call for Papers" for this year's session "Mark's Gospel in Mediterranean Context" which will be held in Cincinnati, OH at the annual Stone-Campbell Journal Conference. If you have an interest in Mark's Gospel and the socio-cultural context that intersects with it, submit your title and abstract to the email address listed on the flyer to the left (michael dot halcomb at asburyseminary dot edu). In addition to our wonderful session on Mark's Gospel this year, three wonderful keynote speakers will also be speaking on the topic of the "Extraordinary" that is, "The Body, Demons, and Miracles." This year's keynote speakers are: Luke Timothy Johnson (Emory University), who will present "The Body and Resurrection in Corinthians: The Ontological Body and the Social Body", Loren Stuckenbruck (Princeton Theological Seminary), who will speak on "Demonology in the Synoptic Gospels" and Barry Blackburn (Atlanta Christian College), who will address the topic of "The Miracles of Jesus Viewed From Above". See more HERE.

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