SBL Paper Accepted (Central States)

I just received word that my paper for the annual 2011 Central States Society of Biblical Literature conference was accepted. I believe this will be my 20th paper at a scholarly conference, which is pretty cool! Anyway, it was welcomed into the "Paul" section and is titled "'The Vacillation' as the Occasion: 2 Corinthians, Epistle of a Two-Faced Apostle?" Here's the abstract: The occasion of 2 Corinthians has been a matter of scholarly debate for centuries. Certainly, the epistle itself reveals Paul as defending himself against numerous charges, one of which is "the vacillation" (1:17). This paper argues that by situating the concepts of consistency-inconsistency in their ancient contexts, using the sociological tenets of "facework" and taking into consideration the theme of "face" throughout the letter, new light can be shed on the circumstances surrounding the occasion of 2 Corinthians."

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