Halcomb's Interactive Amharic Alphabet

Well, since my interest in both Ethiopia and Ethiopic Studies continues to grow, I figured that it was about time to start learning to read Amharic. Interestingly, when I spent the past summer in Ethiopia, I picked up on spoken / conversational Amharic pretty well. However, if I ever hope to get to Ge'ez and other Ethiopic languages, I figured it'd be best to start with Amharic. To kick it off, here's a nifty little study aid I created, which I've appropriately titled "Halcomb's Interactive Amharic Alphabet." Of course, there are 33 markings in the Amharic alphabet and each of those, with their separate 7 vowel points combine to form a complete alphabet of 231 primary markings / letters. Then, there are variations off of these, which I will not go into now. Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you all, just in case one day, you might have an interest. Besides, if you try to do what I'm doing, that is, learning one row of letters per day, you'll pretty much have the alphabet down in a month, which will at least allow you to be able to move with some skill through a lexicon. Anyway, here you go, enjoy:

Halcomb's Interactive Amharic Alphabet
  ሀ | | | | | |

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