Remove Your Kia Optima Console

Recently, a credit card of mine slid into the console of the 2004 Kia Optima that I drive. I tried and tried to fish for the card to pull it back up through the crack it fell through but I must admit, I failed miserably. Still, I didn't give up. I came back in and tried to see if anyone else had posted directions for how to remove the console. Sad to say, I found nothing. However, my wife had the idea of moving a little inserted box underneath the armrest, so, I tried that. Voila! It worked. So, for those of you who have lost things in the console with the hopes of retrieving them, to save you some time and energy, I've made a short slideshow showing you exactly how to do it.

(Note: The slideshow may take a few moments to load. Also, click on the picture to zoom-in and then, use the right arrow on your keyboard to scroll through the photos in order)

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