On Losing A Newborn: A Moving Story of Faith & Love

Recently, those within the Asbury Theological Seminary community have stood alongside one of our own as they've been forced to grieve a deep loss.  Certainly, some have been more closely and intimately involved than others, but breathing room and space are always needed.  The fact is, even for those indirectly involved, our hearts break for the Holloway family.  Suffering is never easy.  Loss is never easy.  Pain is never easy.  Grieving is never easy.  Making sense of life's wounds is often scarring and traumatic, it is never easy.  Yet, within the Christian faith there is always hope.  Having said that, I should also say that nothing that I have read recently has been so powerful or moving as THIS POST that Asbury's own Gabe Holloway has written about experiencing the loss of his newborn daughter, Annie Elizabeth Holloway (in the picture above), only hours after she was born.  This writing is just God-saturated!  So, please, go read it.  I plead with you, go read it.  And when you're done, share it.  And if you are able, show the Holloway family love, even if you don't know them.  Perhaps this post will minister to your spirit and allow you to minister to others in the beautiful way that Gabe has done here.  

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