The Audio Greek New Testament: Review, Pt. 2

In yesterday's review (Pt. 1) of The Audio Greek New Testament, I mentioned that I would provide a snippet of audio from this great resource and also make some comments about it. So, here is a short clip from the salutation of Paul's letter to the Galatians (1-5).

As you can hear, The Audio Greek New Testament uses an American Erasmian pronunciation. This, of course, will not suit everyone's preferences but for me personally, I quite like it. As an alternative to the pronunciation schemas used by Randall Buth and Christophe Rico among others, this is the pronunciation system that I was taught and therefore, I am right at home with it.

One of the more difficult challenges I find with this product is that it can be tough to listen to in large chunks. That is because it is read with little inflection (emotion, etc.) and as a result, can have something of a monotone feel to it. To be sure, it is well produced and the audio is crisp and clear, yet a listener such as myself would have hoped for something a bit more dramatic perhaps. In fact, a dramatic reading of the GNT is something that I myself would really enjoy being a part of, so, if there are any of you out there that would be interested in joining forces to make something like this happen, drop me a line here and let me know. In the meantime, the resource that Hendrickson and Schwandt have provided us with is a great resource. I know there are other versions of the GNT being read out there, but what separates this from the others is 1) Its quality, and 2) Its very user-friendly and intuitive interactive PDF.

So, I stand by my recommendation of this project and encourage everyone to head on over to the Hendrickson site and pick up a copy for yourself or the Greek scholar in your life right now. You can do so by clicking HERE. Thanks again to Hendrickson for this great tool!

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