New Greek App: Reading 1 & 2 Jn

Hello everyone, I just wanted to make a brief note here on Pisteuomen about the release of my newest app, which is titled Getting Greek: Reading 1 & 2 Jn.  It is a simple, user-friendly app that allows you to read and hear the Greek texts of 2 & 3 Jn simultaneously.  Best of all, it is only  ¢ .99 cents!  You can see the app in action by way of video by clicking HERE.  Of course, this app is part of the "Getting Greek" family of resources that I've created, so, when you're done checking this one out, give the others a look.  You can get the Android app by scanning the QR Code to the left or clicking HERE.  You can see my other apps in the Android Market by clicking HERE.  Visit my Getting Greek site HERE and my Theological Languages Portal HERE.  Be on the lookout for another Greek audio app soon!

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