The Audio Greek New Testament: Review, Pt. 1

Today I received a wonderful package in the mail from the fine folks over at Hendrickson. It is a DVD titled The Audio Greek New Testament, which is performed by John Scwandt, who is a Fellow of Classical Languages at New Saint Andrew's College and the founder of the Institute of Biblical Greek (BiblicalGreek.org). I want to do at least a two-part review on this resource. In this first and very brief review, I just want to draw attention to some of the features. In the next part, I will build on this and also provide a snippet of audio to whet your appetite. To begin, this DVD is in Mp3 format, which means that you can transfer the audio to your smartphone, iPod, computer, Mp3 Player, etc. This means that you can essentially listen to the text wherever you go. The only discernable drawback here is that it is in DVD format, so, you will not be able to play it in your automobile. However, you can transfer it to your computer and put it on a car-compatible CD. One of the reasons it is in a DVD format is because it includes a very nice, attractive and interactive PDF, which you can see images of below.

The audio follows the UBS4 Greek New Testament, so, for those of you who already have that text, this is for you. If you don't have it, you really should get one and this product will be for you! As you will see just below, listeners can use the interactive PDF to select whether they want to hear readings via pericopes or chapters. This is a very user-friendly, intuitive and creative feature!

On an interesting side note, Schwandt also has a version of this tagged within the Logos software platform, which is very cool; it highlights the Greek terms being pronounced as they are read within the text. However, you are MUCH more limited with that product as you are not really able to easily export it into a transportable Mp3 or DVD format. So, I would highly encourage everyone to pick up this great resource. Again, I say more about it in the next part of my review but for now, take a look at the brief screencast below to see and hear it. Then, go get your copy of The Audio Greek New Testament HERE! Have a Christmas list? Why not tell someone you'd like this for a gift?

Here a brief look via screencast at the eye-pleasing, interactive PDF and how it functions. (NOTE: To make the video larger, click the TV/Screen icon in the bottom right corner.)

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