Clouded Theology

So, I've had a thought running through my head for a couple of days about the relationship(s) between theology and praxis. I've had this recurrent image / idea of "clouded theology". When I say this, I mean two things: 1) When our theology becomes so clouded that we do not actually live it out, and 2) When our theology is "up" in the clouds, or to put it differently, when we maintain a "pie-in-the-sky" type of theology that is "so heavenly minded that we're of no earthly good".

For some reason, I am really feeling the urge lately to put my beliefs into action, to live out my theology. I want to stop talking about things like resurrection and live it out. I want people to experience resurrection in their lives; I want to experience it. I don't want to have a theology that is so "up there" that it is not "down-to-earth". I don't want a clouded theology. Instead, I want to live out my theology among a great cloud of witnesses. (I guess that could be a third meaning for "clouded theology"!) I also want that cloud of witnesses to be salt and light in a stale and dark world.

Just thinking...


  1. You're forgetting Todd Bentley's "liquid glory honey cloud of His presence" theology.

  2. crap,
    i knew i was forgetting something.