Has Your Theology Changed?

A question for my readers: In the last five years, what would you say has been the most significant change in your theology? Personally, the most dramatic change for me has had to do with my view of the Bible (e.g. inspiration, inerrancy, etc.). While I've modified a previously held wooden-literalist view to a more dynamic view, I feel as though I have actually come to hold a "higher" view of Scripture. What about you? What has changed?


  1. My views on the Bible have changed also. I think that when you learn about genre identification and the complicated nature of the compilation of the biblical books it is hard to hold to some antiquated ideas of inerrancy.

    I would most certainly submit that trying to understand and deal with the Bible for what it is, e.g., the genre it was originally written under, and to respect the author and original community it was written to is certainly a "higher" view of Scripture than some of my acquaintances who never read their Bible but look down their noses at anyone who does not hold highly literalist understandings.

    I have also had my mind changed as to the corporate nature of the text and the many implications from that understanding.

  2. scott,
    it sounds like we've had a lot of similar view changes. the corporate thing has been another modification for me.

  3. My views on the nature and authority have changed quite a lot as well as be switching from Calvinism to Arminianism and then to Open Theism.

  4. Bryan,
    as with scott, it sounds a lot like our views have changed along similar lines/patterns. good to hear. thanks for sharing!