"Cuil" Sucks

So, with all of the hype about the supposedly awesome, Irish-based, "mega search engine" Cuil (pronounced "cool"), I thought I'd give it a try. Well, my review is that it sucks. Nowhere does it pick up my last name (for me) and when I type in my full name or Pisteuomen, a blurb about my site comes up but...with a picture of Michael W. Smith next to it. That's quite funny but my goodness, Cuil needs better algorithims or something. For now, I'll stick with Yahoo or Google.


  1. That's funny...

    Well, I guess you are a worship leader now, so time to chuck the theology thing and become more like Michael W. Smith.

  2. scott,

    it is quite funny. are you suggesting that mdub is not theological? :)

    ...i'm just tryin' to find my place in this world, place in this world...

  3. Sure, you Michael W. Smith - I get linked the Mormons.

  4. polycarp,
    yep, i can see how that happens given the name of your site and all. quite sucks for you, i think. btw, i haven't added you to my page reader and i don't know why. i guess i'll do that today. thanks for commenting.