These Guys Get On My Nerves

The fam and I spent some time downtown a couple of days ago and while we were walking, our pleasant discussion got interrupted by a guy (the partner of the fellow in the photo) who said: "Folks, have you got a minute for the environment." Initially, I almost said "No". However, I caught myself before I said that. I realized right away that the guy had worded his sentence in such a crafty manner. If I said "No", I'd feel guilty and fill out the form. If I said "Yes", well, I'd fill out the form. So, I had to come up with an answer that didn't sound "anti-green" but also got me out of marking up his piece of paper. So, I said: "Yes, I have a minute for the environment but not a minute to talk." Then, we just walked on. In retrospect, I wish I would've had a more witty answer. As I walked on, about 30 ft. later I saw another one of these tree-huggers bothering people. So, I just kept thinking of comebacks in my head. After a few minutes, I just let it go. But to tell yout the truth, these guys just get on my nerves. They're like telemarketers on city streets. Annoying!!!