Addition to the Blogroll: Verily Verily

I'm adding a new blog to my blogroll today that is titled "Verily Verily". It is maintained by a new friend of mine that I met back in March at a conference, his name is Rafael Rodriguez (he sat in on my paper presentation and had some good thoughts and input afterwards). Rafael earned his PhD at Sheffield in the UK and is now professor of NT at Johnson Bible College in TN. Check out his blog here: Verily Verily.


  1. Thanks, Michael. I appreciate the announcement.

  2. Rafael's link doesn't work.

  3. Oh I see how it is. You'll keep J Mac on the blogroll, but I make a few disparaging remarks about your design (in love, of course) and take a few months off, and I'm punted like I signed the Westboro Baptist creed of faith!


  4. Scott,
    Since people are always beating down my door trying to get on the blogroll, I've got to be selective, you know. I don't just throw pearls to swine. Pisteuomen is like the floor seats at Osteen's Lakewood, it costs to be important. You want to be on the blogroll pay me. Want to be first on the list, pay me more.

    Or, I guess I could just be nice and add you back to the blogroll.