What To Watch If You're Boycotting The Olympic Games

I had no idea this was a sport but I have to admit, it's pretty rad!!!


  1. My sincerest apologies, Michael. Apparently no one told you that "rad" is no longer a word. Please make the appropriate adjustments.

    I'd be really impressed if they could do this with coffee mugs!

  2. Raf,
    I think you may have been in the UK too long. "Rad" is most certainly still a word that's in use. In fact, I'll take the credit for putting it back "en vogue" :)

    about the cofee mugs, that'd be crazy to see but i'm thinking they'd have to be handle-less (not sure that's a word!).

  3. chop the hyphen and if it isn't a word it's a neologism. Rad's rad. Nothing rad about rad.