What Hath Kentucky To Do With Japan?

Today, the majority of my afternoon will consist of driving through four states: Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Before one of those massive Michigan snow storms decide to show up, I'm going to head south to spend a couple of days (that's not very long!) with family and friends. I'll still be blogging this week but for today, I thought I'd back off and let you enjoy this awesome 14-second Japanese flic about my old stomping grounds, that is, my old KY home:


  1. haha! that's pretty funny. people in HK are pretty obsessed with KFC too.

    here's something else kentucky and japan have to do with each other: in december my boyfriend (from KY) and i will spending a glorious week in Japan!! :)

  2. p,
    good to hear from you. glad you'll see your bf soon, good for you!