BBQ & Books

So, I raved a couple of days ago about a few books I bought in Kalamazoo at the library's bookstore. Well, I went back in yesterday, after they had stocked some new things over the course of a week and once again, I was not let down. After I spent a whopping $4, I went a couple blocks over to the city's annual Ribfest and had some good barbecue (or as we southerner's like to spell it "bbq"). Here's what I picked up at the store (again, for only $4!!!):

* Daily Life in the Time of Homer (Mireaux) $1.00
* Meditations (Marcus Aurelius) $1.00
* Cicero: Selected Works (Penguin Pub.) - $.50
* Biblical Semantic Logic (Gibson) - $1.00
* The Counselling of Jesus (Buchanan) - $.50

And, here's me eating some ribs:

A decent day, if you ask me!


  1. finisher off with a bell's two hearted ale, and you're all set, bro!

  2. of course, you would say that. i went in bell's and after about 2 seconds, turned around and walked out.

  3. We, south of the southerners, way down under the unders, do the BBQ thing rather than a barbecue.