29 Hours of Mark's Gospel

Saturday morning I leave for a week to lead a group session on Mk. 8-16 at a retreat/conference. I'm quite excited about this and as you might expect, I won't be blogging a whole lot next week. My schedule, as of now, consists of 29 hours of working through the second portion of Mark's narrative (though, I personally don't neatly divide it into 2 sections e.g. chapters 1-7 and the chapters 8-16). Even though that seems like a lot of time to get through the 42 pericopes in that portion of the story, I actually feel like it's still not enough hours! Regardless, this is the task at hand and I'll do my best to achieve the goal before me. After sitting down and working through some planning, here's a rough draft of my schedule:

* Saturday: Travel & Prepare
* Sunday: 4p-6:30p (Introductions, Recaps, Mk. 8.1-30); 7:30p-10p (Mk. 9.2-50)
* Monday: 9:30a-12:30p (Mk. 10.1-52); 4p-6:30p (Mk. 11.1-33)
* Tuesday: 9:30a-12:30p (Mk. 12.1-44); 4p-6:30p (Mk. 13.1-37); 7:45p-9:45p (Mk. 14.1-42)
* Wednesday: 9:30a-12:30p (Mk. 14.43-15.20); 4p-6:30p (Mk. 15.21-47)
* Thursday: 9:30a-12:30p (Mk. 16.1-20); 4p-6:30p (Review Mk.1-16, themes, theology, thoughts, resources)
* Friday: Travel Home

Hopefully, once I get home, I'll be able to share some of the great things that transpired over this week of study!


  1. Michael

    Great connecting with you at Cedar Campus. Hope you made it home safe and sound, and had a good reunion with your family. Here is the link to that professor friend of mine at Asbury: http://www.asburyseminary.edu/faculty/toddy-holeman/

    Great job with Mark; thanks for serving us so well.


  2. Marc,
    Great meeting you too! I made it home fine and all is well. I have never met or studied with Dr. Holeman but I'm sure I'll meet her some time during my studies there. I'll keep an eye out for her.

    Thanks for all of the great discussion, for sitting in on and sharing at the sessions and for being so welcoming to me. I'll definitely keep in touch with you.