The Irony of Palm Sunday: Studies in Mark, Pt. 89

Here's a sermon that I delivered at the church I'm currently attending. It was last Sunday (Palm Sunday) and covers Mk. 11.1-11. Let me know what you think.

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  1. The irony is that we see apocalyptically that the One they are killing is thereby accomplishing his 'Pd.D. defense' (as it were :-) before His ascension & kosmic enthronement in ca. 50 days. Thus, armed with apocalyptic truth, we truly rejoice as our King comes unto us, lastly to accomplish the Monogenes Firstborn sacrifice displaced by Isaac's ram surrogate, and He is the Firstborn Son whom the Passover Lamb surrogates (if I may coin verb form). After this final sacrificial accomplishment comes His Kingly Reign, through which He sends the Romans to destroy those whom He displaced with His new Twelve over Israel, a people more deserving (? :-). The King confirmatorily sent His armies and destroyed that city. All such existential apocalyptic identity and hope is expressed by joyful triumph at the final accomplishments for which came the prophesied self-sacrificial Priest-King. How ironic to those without eyes to see! Thanks for a stimulating talk--ciao, old chap!