Exploring The Gospel of Mark (Syneidon Podcast)

Many thanks to Mark Goodacre for pointing out Syneidon's recent podcast on the Gospel of Mark. In this installation, Robert Foster and Richard Goode from the SYNEIDON Research Project at the University of Birmingham, begin their exploration of this year’s Lectionary Gospel, the Gospel of Mark.

This episode looks at the structure and style of Mark, the things which make Mark distinctive from the other Gospels. It also includes the first part of an interview with Professor David Parker (University of Birmingham) who takes us through some of the literary characteristics of Mark’s writing. The podcasts will also feature recommended and books and resources to help further your exploration of a fascinating and influential little book.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the play button on the music player below:

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  1. As a grand procrastinator, it has taken me awhile to listen to the podcast on Mark's gospel. Woe be me for having waited so long!! "Immediately" I knew I had waited far too long. I eagerly await forthcoming podcasts and the many issues to be discussed (there's just something about a British accent and the sense of authority on a subject!)

    Thanks for sharing Michael!