Saturday: A Meditation

Today Lord, Saturday, life seems more dialectic than usual. On one side of me stands a grievous cross and on the other, an empty tomb. If I look back to yesterday, I see the desertion of a few who were close to you but when I ponder the faithfulness that billions offer you today, I am hopeful. A glance backwards to Golgotha reminds me of the lies that led to your execution while a glance toward the Parousia strengthens my confidence that you are the Truth. If the past didn't matter, then neither would the present or the future, Lord. Darkness was over the land but a Light lives in the world. The tension of today, Saturday, the day we have to wait, is an exasperating tension. I'm pulled back and forth. I'm stretched to and fro. Tell? Don't tell? Go? Stay put? Trust? Hide? I was far but now I'm close. Dirty hands have been made clean and a malformed heart been bent toward You. What holds this day, Saturday, together? Is it the tension? Is it the questions? Is it the hopes? Is it the wonder? What is it? I'm in between days Lord but I also feel like I'm in the presence of eternity today. Does that mean that I'm in the palm of your hand?

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