GREAT NEWS on Orphan Sunday!!!

As I mentioned yesterday and as many of my frequent readers know, for about the last year and a half, my wife and I have been working through the international adoption process (in other words, we're adopting a child from overseas). We have been working with a great organization called Christian World Adoption and would recommend them to anyone looking into international adoption (we chose to adopt from Ethiopia and they are one of the few organizations that the Ethiopian government works with). Several months ago we were approved as parents for our son and ever since then, it has been a challenging waiting game. We've only been able to see 3-4 months of the first year of our son's life through a few random pictures and cell phone videos. Well, finally, we're going to get him. We are set to leave right around the last day of November and should be gone for a week. We have appointments at the Ethiopian embassy to make and we plan to stay close to our "Guest House" (hotel) with our child for most of the trip; there will not be much visiting or site seeing (it's not really all that safe right now anyway!) Still, I'll try to post some pictures or videos of the trip whenever I can. With both SBL in New Orleans, LA and the trip to Ethiopia coming at the end of this month, it's going to be quite hectic, though! Here's a video:

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