What Is Prooftexting?

One of the most cogent answers to this question is given by Francis Young in her book Biblical Exegesis and the Formation of Christian Culture. Young speaks here of prooftexting (or proof-texting) and compound texting:

1) proof-texting is where a text is quoted and abstracted from its context and exposition of symbolic material follows with fulfillment indicated, the foundational point is to indicate the true and proper reference of the text, primarily done to properly interpret OT in light of the Messiah’s advent;

2) compound texting is more or less an exact quotation or allusion that may appear, the Bible is treated as self-referential and used as a cross reference between books, regard for original historical meaning varies, interpreter believes that the mind / aim of the author was to point to a truth found elsewhere in biblical corpus

(See: Pp. 124,133,289,298)

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