Hurricane Katrina & Flood Narratives at SBL

I've been to four meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature and in those 4 years, I've sat in a lot of sessions and have listened to a lot of scholarly papers. Never, though, have I been to a session like the one I attended tonight! Kudos to Boston University's Jennifer Knust for getting SBL to show one of the most incredible documentaries I have ever seen: Trouble The Water. This Sundance film winner and internationally renowned film is not only awe inspiring but it is theologically and socially challenging! After the screening, I met with the 3 main people featured in the film and had some fruitful conversations. I hope to do an interview tomorrow with the lady who filmed the documentary of her life while stuck in the 9th Ward of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, Kimberly Roberts Rivers. So, my next post or two may be related to this film. Anyway, you can watch some of the clips of the movie below and at the foot of this post, click the link to go to the website and purchase the film:

Trouble The Waters Website

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