SBL Books

So, I really didn't plan to buy books at SBL this year, however, two things led me to break my plans: 1) The book exhibit is a trap and 2) I realized that some of my textbooks were greatly discounted. I also purchased some supplemental materials and got some free stuff, here's what I've acquired so far:

* A Theology of John's Gospel and Letters
* A 2GB USB ThumbDrive from Zondervan
* A free computer screen & keyboard cleaner from ATLA

* UBS Septuagint
* Analytical Lexicon of the Septuagint
* Zondervan Hebrew Reader
* Zondervan Greek Testament Reader
* Zondervan NT Greek Vocab (audio / book)
* Zondervan Sing & Learn NT Greek (audio / book)
* Zondervan OT Hebrew Vocabulary (audio / book)

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