Free Toolbar for Bible/Theology Bloggers: Free Software From Pisteuomen

Have you ever wanted to have all the Bible & Theology blogs that you like in one place? Want to un-muddy your page-reader or blogroll? Want some kind of aggregator that you don't have to manage? Want to visit a blog without trying to type in a url you can't remember, going to your page-reader or googling it? Well, now you can have what you want. Today, a couple of days before Christmas, I am giving a present away here at Pisteuomen. The present is called "The Pistueomen Bible & Theology Bloggers Toolbar". This toolbar, a one-of-a-kind, contains scores of sites of active Bible and Theology bloggers. A couple of months ago, NT Wrong began collecting working urls of bloggers. Every url listed on his site, plus, many more are included here. One of the best things about the toolbar is that it is updateable, so, if you're not included this month, if you contact me with the proper info., your site can be included in next month's update. The toolbar is incredibly user-friendly, lightweight, easy to download and install and best of all, it's free. After using the toolbar, if you have any comments or suggestions, please, feel free to leave them here. So, get the word out; tell everyone about the Bible & Theology Bloggers Toolbar!!! Scroll down to see screenshots. Click the icon below to go to the download page. (IE and Firefox ready! Directions below too.)


(Firefox Screenshot)

(Internet Explorer Screenshot)

Download Instructions & Notes (Please Read!):

((If user screen shows up click "allow")
*Check notify box
*Click next
*Check desired boxes (IE or Mozilla / Firefox)
*Click next
*Install (or "browse" for desired destination, then Install)
*When it says "Installation Complete" select the "Close" button

In Firefox:
*You may see software installation screen
*Click "Install Now"
*Select "Restart Firefox"

Internet Explorer:
*Blog not found message (I didn't want you to fill out a form, so, nothing's there, ignore it and type your desired URL

After uninstalling, you may get a note saying "page not found". I didn't want
you to have to fill out a form so nothing's there. Type in your URL and proceed as you wish.

You may need to allow this BHO past your firewall. This is a clean file. There are no viruses. It has been scanned. If you experience problems in this area, you simply need to make sure the toolbar is bypassed in your virus program.


  1. Well, I appreciate the thought, anyway. I wish I could use that — if I could I would.

  2. Firefox (or at least my Firefox) won't install the toolbar.

    It says it won't do it because it does not provide secure updates.

  3. It's an .exe file. It's not Mac compatible.

  4. And just to let you know: I did attempt installing into Firefox from Virtual PC & that didn't work either. It's not worth installing in IE for Windows cuz I don't access the net from Windows. Ever.

    (By the way, I found your blog thru that Facebook Networked Blogs app & I'm now a fairly regular reader.)