When Bloggers Meet

One of the things I like best about blogging is the chance to interact with other people who love discussing the same types of things I'm interested in. One benefit of all of this is that sometimes, you get to meet the people you've come to know via modem. Over a year ago, through dialogue on another blog, I met Chris Vanallsburg (I'm wearing the brown coat and he's wearing the black vest in the pic). Chris is a native of MI but now lives in NC. Through various conversations on Facebook and each other's blogs, we began to get to know each other. This month, when he came home for the holidays, we decided to get together for lunch and visit a couple of bookstores. We ate at Panera and also had a visit to a Reformed bookstore (yes, he's one of those people!) and Eerdmans. For me, it was like Christmas-come-early going to those shops. I picked up 12 books and it all rang-in under $50. I was quite pleased.

Chris and I had some good conversation and despite the insane blizzard conditions (seriously, I shouldn't have driven to Grand Rapids but I didn't know it was going to get so bad so quickly) it was quite a pleasant visit. Here are the books I added to my library:


  1. Man, I'm glad we both made it safe to home!
    I got to get some tech skills. Your blog is the mac!

    btw--you didn't put a photo of your free book on Calvinism. Ah, but you are waiting for a book review. You're going to give it a post all for it's own....


  2. Oh yeah, I must have just forgottent o include the pic. I left out another book too. I got 12 but only 10 are posted. I might redo that! Good meeting you. Merry Christmas.