One Absurdity Of Modern Christianity

Some time ago, there was a cartoon in The New Yorker that had a CEO ending his board meeting with the following remark: “And so, while the end-of-the-world scenario will be rife with unimaginable horrors, we believe that the pre-end period will be filled with unprecedented opportunities for profit.” You know, this cartoon really hits the nail on the head. Two of the fastest growing beliefs in Western Christianity have to do with end-times and money. I want to suggest here that when both of these tenets are accepted by one person, let alone a group of persons, the atmosphere is ripe for hedonism!

How so? Well, think about it this way: If you're an end-times, rapture-believeing type of person, chances are, you already have it ingrained in you that you couldn't care less about this planet. The thought is: "Why should I care, it's all going to burn up and end in disaster anyway. I'm going to get raptured and spared, so, it's not my problem to worry about it." Lest you think I'm being too simplistic here, think again; people really do believe this way! I know these people firsthand.

Now, you have this person who couldn't care less about this planet and its preservation because they think its all going to go to hell soon anyway and they start listening to Word of Faith preachers (e.g. Osteen, Hinn, Meyer, etc.), who emphasize over and over, the greatness of wealth...what is the end-result? A hedonist who "says" that they believe in Jesus and the Bible but don't think and live in ways that match-up with Jesus or the Bible. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly!!! When you have someone who doesn't care about this world because they're going to leave it soon and then they start getting into the mindset of "I need to get lots of money", well, they've become worldly-focused!

How ironic! Like the cartoon says, they don't care if the world ends in hell but what they do care about is living it up right now! This is the perfect elixir for selfishness and me-focused religion. And what is all of this but a type of sickening hedonism? It's not the way of Jesus and its certainly not Christianity! And friends, those are some very practical, theological reasons why you should reject both Dispensationalism and Word of Faith-ism.


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  2. Craig,
    That pic you used is just fine. I appreciate you mentioning those posts; I'm glad you found them thought-provoking. See the comment I left on your site. Merry Christmas!