More On Mark's Gospel...

So, in addition to a pretty sweet snowblower that will come in handy this winter, I got a nice gift card to B&N. So, I picked up some books online, of course, more on Mark's Gospel:


  1. I'm surprised you don't already have Gundry's or Marcus's commentaries considering how much you study it. I have both but I only really use Marcus. His commentary is great and I can't wait for the 2nd volume.
    Mark is my favorite Gospel and so I've been wanting to pick up the other recent commentaries on it by Collins, Boring and Stein.

    I hear "The Way of the Lord" by Marcus is similar to Rikk Watts's "Isaiah's New Exodus in Mark". I read Watts's book and really liked it a lot but I haven't read "The Way of the Lord". Watts's teaching on Mark and his book are probably the reason why I ended up liking Mark so much.

    Congrats on your books and Merry Christmas!

    BTW your picture/video thing doesn't show up in Google Reader. You might want to consider including a notice in your posts so people will know to click on your post in Google Reader so they can be brought to your page and see it.

    Bryan L

  2. Bryan,
    I am quite familiar w/Gundry's and Marcus's commentaries, though I'm just now buying it. One of the perks of seminary was being able to pick up these books whenever. Marcus's second commentary comes out in a couple of months (they were advertising it at SBL). Of Collins, Boring and Stein, I already like Stein's the best. Collins takes it upon herself to dialogue w/Bultmann on every verse which gets annoying. Boring is way too eschatological for me. That's also one of the reasons I've waited on buying Marcus's commentary; I just don't go where he does w/the whole eschatology bit. What I like about Gundry is some of his creative exegesis; he says things sometimes that are quite unique. As for "The Way of the Lord" and Watts's book, I would have to agree with that comparison initially, though, to be honest, I haven't read but 1 whole chapter.

    BTW, I like Ched Myers's commentary though I disagree with it at many points; it is very, very unique and its not just a bunch of regurgitated stuff.

    The other big commentary that I'm waiting to get it the S&H one by Culpepper (though it doesn't look all that different, content-wise, from the other commentaries. BTW, why don't you ever blog on Mark if you like it so much? And why don't you ever throw a challenge or two my way when I post? Just curious.

    Thanks for the note about GR. I thought that in Google-Reader there was a note that said "Original Enclosure Included" or something like that.

    I've actually been through Watt's book, though, I don't own it right now.

  3. I figured you might have interacted with them before, I just assumed that you already had them since you had the newest commentaries on Mark that were out.
    Thanks for the info on Marcus's second commentary. I'll have to put that on my wish list. Now if Evans replacement commentary in WBC would hurry up and come out and then Watts in the NICNT.

    Thanks for the heads up on Collins, Stein and Boring. I went and looked at Collins on Amazon and selected the "surprise me" function that picks a random page to show and sure enough Bultmann showed up in like the first foot note. I had a good chuckle : )

    I haven't used Gundry much. I don't know why I just never feel like opening it. I'll have to start checking it out more.

    I think I've seen you mention the Myers book before. I'll have to look into that as well as that comic book of Mark's gospel. I'll be honest though I'm always a bit suspicious of political reading of the Gospels. I always wonder if Jesus is going to sound like he's the same political persuasion as the person writing the book.

    I wouldn't mind getting Culpepper on Mark although those S&H commentaries are so expensive (of course they look real nice).

    I don't know why I have never blogged on Mark. Lately I don't blog much on anything biblical or theological since I've been focusing on philosophy. My brain hasn't really been turning on those subjects lately. And I haven't thrown any challenges your way when you post because honestly I'm not that qualified to, especially since you own a stack of books on Mark that is over 6 ft tall : ) Maybe I'll try something soon.

    Thanks for the note on "Original Enclosure Included" I never saw that before. I imagine that might be the same for many others as well especially if they can through Google Reader quickly (although I could be the only dunce who uses Google Reader : )

    Bryan L

  4. Bryan,
    That Myers book is certainly over-the-top in its political reading and yes, you're right that this type of hermeneutic often resembles the political leanings of the author. That said, it is still one of my favorites just because it is so unique and brings a whole lot of new ideas to the table.

    I know you're a philosophy oriented person but man, it'd be great to hear what you have to say about Mk.

    About GR, I check it about every day, so, nope, you're certainly not the only one.