A Prayer for Lydia Claire: My Newborn Daughter

Early Saturday morning (7am), my wife Kristi started to go into labor. After a few hours, she begat the newest addition to the Halcomb family: Lydia Claire. We decided on the name Lydia when we were in Philippi a few months ago at the supposed site where Paul baptized Lydia. As for the middle name, it is a family name from the wife's side. She was 6 lbs. 10 oz. and mearly 19 in. long. Below is a picture of the baby and a prayer for her. God is good!

Lord, I am thankful that You love us; I am thankful for Your grace and beauty. I ask today, O marvelous God, that You would bless this baby. I ask that You would place a calling of greatness on her life and that You would raise her up to be the most godly woman of her generation and one of the most godly women in all of history. Holy Spirit, breathe Your breath of life upon Lydia and bathe her in Your presence. Help me and Kristi, O God, to raise this girl up to think, feel, walk and talk in Your ways; to be just like You. I pray all of these things for the sake of Your name and for Your glory. Amen.


  1. Congratulations! She's beautiful, and we can't wait to see her in person.

    Kate and Kevin

    Wow, you're a daddy!
    May God bless you with love, wisdom, patience, selflessness, joy, and godliness as you raise her.
    She looks great!
    Kristi did a great job! Hope she's feeling well.
    Much love--

  3. congrats and thanks for your comment on my site

  4. Congratulations! Beautiful baby girl and handsome dad. Is this your first? They are so precious and then grand babies are sooo precious (this from grandma).

  5. this is the first! she is a beautiful girl. thanks for all of your kind comments.


  6. Michael & Kristi, I want to Thank You both so much for the Beautiful Granddaughter you have given me. I know you wil both be Wonderful parent's. God has Blessed you both & me (the whole world actually)with Lydia, I am so Thankful. She will be in my Prayer's every day as are you & Kristi. I Love you all so much.
    Love, Mom