Ben Witherington on St. Cuthbert's Island

At present, I am studying Hebrew rather intensively; I am enrolled in two back-to-back courses this summer that total about 7 weeks. As you might imagine, smashing an entire year of Hebrew into 7 weeks is not an easy thing to do but as I'm coming to realize, it can be done. I'm doing it. I started two weeks ago and can already read and translate. Anyways, each day at the end of my Hebrew class lectures last week, I dropped in nearly every day on one of my favorite professors of all time, Ben Witherington, to listen to him lecture on 1 Corinthians. While I don't agree with Dr. W. on everything, I still love this guy. He is so God-centered, so passionate and such an incredible "teacher." If you ever get the chance, you need to hear this guy! Actually, if you want to hear the sermon he delivered in chapel last week, click the following link: Dr. Witherington's Sermon.

Another thing I love about Dr. W is that he is rather funny too; all of his lectures are seasoned with humor. But even more, he just knows how to make the text applicable to life today. My friend, Clay Brackeen, has been taking the 1 Corinthians course for credit this summer and he has been compiling some little sayings or quips that Witherington has said and is sharing them with the world. It appears that Clay is arranging the sayings chapter-by-chapter. If you want to read some of them, visit Clay's blog, "St. Cuthbert's Island" at the following link: Ben Witherington on St. Cuthbert's Island.


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