An Ode to Scripture

An Ode to Scripture

Spanning time, spanning ages
Glorious gospel, careful sages
First was spoken, then in ink
Rolled in scrolls, Christian think

Holy Messiah’s, story is bound
Foolish wisdom, easy profound
Stumbling block, trips the mind
Age to Age, this bloody spine

Peace in papyri, Christly tale
Revelatory, Life unveiled
A Martyr’s memoir, open door
Ask or knock, see the Savior

Preserved book, letters and psalms
Parabolic insights, heavenly songs
Truth instilled, inside and out
Holy leaflets, Jesus’ account

Stripped and pealed, beaten blue
Attacked and ridiculed, even eschewed
Rejected writing, much bashed Bible
Overlooked God, who’s so reliable

Trustworthy texts, despite the laughs
OT, NT, time in halves
Salvation history, two in one
Testaments of hope, transgression undone

Wisdom of believers, written out loud
Sacred parchment, history’s shroud
Keys of life, commands so pure
Love in words, eternal yore

Servanthood perspective, first and last
Author of life, the kingdom’s cast
A history of His Story, being told
Book of Life, being unrolled

Resurrection reflex, inspired index
Guide out of regress, celebrated codex
Ready for remix, a map to change
Trinity’s treasure, no longer estranged

Journal of Justice, touching lives
Transforming hearts, clearing up eyes
How about this, you try to read
And find true life, in this ancient reed

--TMW Halcomb


  1. you said you'd visit my site - well it's not too special but thanks for the visit. soon i'll try my own at exegetical or theological stuff.

  2. Dude, I've been waiting for you to do something like this. The only trouble is that those that haven't heard you can't really appreciate how you'd deliver such a rhyme.
    I love the fact that you can combine your love for the Word with your talent to rap (at least that's how I read your ode).
    I haven't told you, but every time I hear Lauryn Hill (especially "Mystery of Iniquity") I think of that night you rapped for us in class.

    Nice stuff, Michael. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  3. Thanks Clay, the encouragement is much appreciated. I may post that poetry you sepak of, some time in the future; it just has so many nuances that people who weren't in that course, will miss - but I guess that's okay.

  4. Hey Michael, its Brian Byrley. Eddy has been telling me for a week or more about checkin this site out and i just did on saturday. I must admit that is the greatest poem i believe i have ever read. One magnificent work of art! :D