Wait Just an Enviro-minute!!!

Okay, so, in our environmentally sensitive world today, we’ve constantly been hearing all sorts of hype about the new battery-powered, fuel-sparing cars. In fact, many in America seem to be elevating these hybrid cars to Jesus status: they are the “only” way to go! In the wake of Congress’s recently passed legislation that “global warming” exists and is a threat to our country, should we listen to all of the buzz? Of course, scientists, as with most things, are in debate about the whole issue of global warming; some think it exists and others do not. Sorry, I have digressed a bit.

Anyways, many environmentalist gurus have been promoting these new and supposedly eco-friendly cars like crazy. Yet, are they really as eco-friendly as people think? And are they as good as they have been made out to be? As it turns out, the answer may be “no.”

Some researchers have actually followed the production of the hybrid cars and after evaluating the whole process from beginning to end, have concluded that, indeed, the hybrid automobiles end up contributing more pollution to the earth than a Hummer. Here are a few insights from Van Helsing:

1. The nickel used in the Prius battery is mined and smelted at a site so ecologically ruined that NASA has used the dead zone around it to test moon rovers. Nicknamed the Superstack, the plant spreads sulfur dioxide all across northern Ontario, causing acid rain. There is no life around it for miles.

2. The nickel is then shipped to Europe, then China, then Japan, then the USA during the long process of becoming the battery in a moonbat's Prius, racking up more transportation miles than Al Gore on a transcontinental eco-campaign.

3. The total energy required to produce and drive a Prius is almost 50% more than that required for a Hummer, an eco-dupe's idea of the ultimate affront to Gaia.

4. Hummers are cheaper to drive, too. Over the 100,000-mile expected lifespan of a Prius, it will cost an average $3.25 per mile. A Hummer lasts three times as long, and only costs $1.95 per mile.

For more on the Prius/Hummer comparison, click the following link: Van Helsing.

You may have read or heard in the news recently that Avis, the rental-car company is going to begin renting the Prius hybrid. To read the article about that, click the following link: Avis & Prius. But why are they doing this? Are they simply trying to get those whose eco-sensitivities are out of whack off of their backs? What’s in it for them, really?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for taking care of the environment; I think all Christians should have a healthy eco-theology!!! The point of this article, though, is to suggest that just maybe, those who are promoting the hybrids (and especially some who have a holier-than-thou attitude because they own one) may actually be contributing more pollution to the atmosphere than everyone else. How's that for a tableturn?

Indeed, this is some good food for thought! (Organic food of course.)

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  1. You have some very good points here. I cringe every time I see an ad promoting the Prius as a "green" car.

    No. It's not. It's less harmful in some ways (more harmful in others, as you have noted), but being less-bad is not the same as being good.

    Now, if people want to elevate the bicycle or walking to Jesus status - our only hope for salvation - well, they'd still be wrong, but they'd be much closer to right.

    Still, the Hummer IS an affront to Gaia and God...