These Rocks Cry Out

Below are a couple of items: 1) Some photographs taken by my wife and myself while in Turkey and Greece, and 2) A poem I penned while I was touring the ancient sites. The poem, as you'll see, goes right along with the photos. Enjoy, if you can, let me know what you think.

These Rocks Cry Out

These rocks cry out
These stones they preach
Amid pillars and temples
Amid old stony streets

These rocks cry out
These statues shout and call
Through ages and ages
Through rises and falls

These rocks cry out
These inscriptions they speak
Of people and places
Of scriptural accuracy

These rocks cry out
These monuments give shape
To the story of Christ
To biblical faith

These rocks cry out
These boulders they beckon
A search for the truth
A look that is second

These rocks cry out
These busts they teach
Of the earliest Christians
Of Turkey and Greece

These rocks cry out
These sculptures profess
That much hasn’t changed
That faith’s still duress

These rocks cry out
These engravings have told
Still Jesus lives on
Still hearts are stone cold

These rocks cry out
Yet people still ignore
That clarion call
That Jesus is Lord

--TMW Halcomb

Photo 1: The Erastus Inscription in Corinth
Photo 2: A small, 4th cent. basillica in Sardis
Photo 3: Part of the Gallio Inscription (in Delphi)
Photo 4: Columns from Trajan's temple in Pergamum
Photo 5: A Road & workshops in ancient Sardis (the gym is to the left and the synagogue is near the back, top of the photo)

(c) T Michael W Halcomb

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