Addition to the Blogroll : The Assembling of the Church

Pisteuomen readers,

A new blog has been added to the Pisteuomen blogroll: The Assembling of the Church. This blog is authored and maintained by Alan Knox, a student at SEBTS. As you might have noticed from the title of his blog, one of Alan's main interests is in ecclesiology (the study of the Church / body of Christ). He has some great insights and fascinating posts. Be sure to check out his site by clicking the above link.

While there are a number of blogs that I read most frequently (about 10), in order to keep Pisteuomen from getting messy with so many links, I have only been adding those who update frequently (every day or every couple of days). If you update every 1-2 days and you want to trade links, let me know by responding to this post.


  1. Well if posting every 1-2 days is a requirement you are going to have to get rid of Josh. He's on about a every 2 week pace.

  2. josh seemed to be posting quite a bit when I started this; he seems to be rather busy now, though; you're right, he's not posting a lot lately.

  3. Michael,

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I rarely use mine anymore, although I hope my readers visit those blogs occasionally. I keep with other blogs throug a blog reader now.


  4. alan,

    you're welcome. what's a "blog reader"?