Be My Guest

About one week ago, Alan over at The Assembling of the Church (by the way, you should really frequent this guy's blog!) posted an entry inviting his readers to talk about themselves on his blog. I thought I'd try something similar. So, I am asking and inviting you, the readers of Pisteuomen, to say some things about yourself in this post. It doesn't have to be a lenghty and detailed description of yourself (but it can). If you want you could just copy the following list and paste it into the comment box with your answers:

1. Name
2. Location
3. Age (if you want)
4. Your blog title and site address
5. Suggestion or compliment for Pisteuomen

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, so, please take a couple of minutes and talk about yourself here. I may leave this post up for a couple of days (something I don't normally do) just to give the non-daily readers some extra time to respond. I will compile the results in a few days in another post. Hope to hear from you. Thanks!


  1. 1. Name - Scott Bailey
    2. Location - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    3. Age - 424 (months)
    4. "Scotteriology" - http://scotteriology.wordpress.com/
    5. Suggestion or compliment for Pisteuomen - Great start to your blog, lots of interesting stuff. Keep working.

  2. Swimsuit edition? Like, what, Al Mohler in speedos?? That'd kill the blog in a day...

    I can't remember, Michael, if we had noted that we're both Louisvillians?

    I've lived here all my life, grew up over by Churchill Downs, attended a Baptist church on Southern Pkwy the first half of my life.

    Got married, wife went to the SoBapt Seminary here (social work degree back before the evil empire took over...) so we lived over there the first three years of our marriage, moved to the west end for 12 years and are now in Old Louisville - for the last eight years.

    For those doing the number crunching, that makes me 44.

    So there's more about me than anyone wants to know.

  3. 1. Name - Wendy S. Katz
    2. Location - Kentucky
    3. Age - 51
    4. weservetheking.blogspot.com
    (planned launch: 8/20
    5. great blog - thanks for posting the link in your sig on other blogs' comments!