Tendencies: A Spoken Word Confession


Some things
We just don’t like mentioned
Like when I
Turn my blind eye
To the world’s suffering
And why?
To remain a comfy closet Christian!

I convince myself
That I aint meant to meddle
In the middle
Of this mess
I’ll simply sit and settle
Relax and dismantle
While millions out there peddle

To this end
I just defend
How I’m con-de-scend
Yep, I con-serve
I’m mister right wing
That’s my think-ing
But am I not thieving?
And can you follow my reasoning?

Am I stealing from God?

When this hungry sister’s
Starving heart whispers
When this war torn land
Devastates this man
I’m gone
Vanished…like footprints in the sand
Am I a man
Of God
Or a thief?
A selfish steward
Whose faith is putrid?

There’s a tendency
To keep
The heart from the head
And the head from the hands
So, personally
And socially
We can be
At the same time
Yet unholy
And consequentially
Still act like we’re free…in Christ
But that’s a vice
A deadly sin
So, who are we kiddin’?

We need caught by a vision
To be men & women fishin’
We’re commissioned
To live in
Relation not religion
Our hearts cut like circumcision
And what I’m saying yo, it’s relevant
It might be obvious, like a room with an elephant
But we need sold on this truth & I be sellin’ it
From roof top to top, straight yellin’ it

Yep, it needs told
Needs believers who are bold
Who’ll march the tough roads
And someone who’ll hold
The young and the old
The rich and the po’
Cause you know
It’s hard to keep your hands warm
When the fire has no coal
We know
That, what bread is to hunger
Jesus Christ is to the soul

Let’s tally the score
And leave open the doors
Cause what’s done in here
Can’t be hidden no more
We need
Men & women of integrity
Good deeds for all the world to see
To be
And to simply
Do honest ministry
That’s the need of the century
In this age where they’re censuring
The voice that carries density
The voice of truth

I’m seeking life after life
Where we win, not lose
But this truth
It’s been banned from the radios and the news
But since I
Since I
Regard the truth as sacred
I take the truth as truth
Cause there’s no other way to take it

So men
And women
We don’t need a revolution
No, what we need is a conclusion
Where we worship, serve and live like the saints
Instead of yawning in communion

--TMW Halcomb


  1. Put a smackin' beat behind it and you've got yerself a bit of Christian rap there, uh huh...

  2. :)

    I actually do some rap (I was quite active with it in college). Poetry is kind of a way for me to keep doing that every now and then.

  3. Michael,
    I like your other stuff as well, but I would subscribe to your blog for this alone.

    I love it!

    Good rhymes, great message.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you so much Clay, you're a great encouragement brother; be blessed and be a blessing.

    By the way, if anyone is interested, you can subscribe by clicking the email link in the right hand column of my blog.